Message from the Head of Department

Prof. Wambui Kogi-Makau Associate Professor (B.Ed, UoN, MSc Community Health, UoN, PhD Human Nutrition, University of London) - Department Chairman (Feb 2013 to date)

You are cordially welcome to read and to know more about the Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Technology, University of Nairobi. Our department is the oldest department of Food Science and Technology in Eastern Africa. A large number of professionals in Food Science, Human Nutrition, Food Safety and Food Technology in Kenya and beyond passed through our department as undergraduates, postgraduates or both.

Our academic staff members are well trained and experienced in a wide variety of relevant disciplines. We participate not only in teaching,  but also in research, consultancy and outreach programmes.

We welcome applications for admission into our B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. programmes. Whereas B.Sc. and M.Sc. programmes commence in September/ October, Ph.D. programmes begin whenever a student is ready.

We are always ready to receive research ideas as well as requests for collaboration in research from industry, community groups and other stakeholders.

Our staff members are also well versed in consultancy work and the department is therefore ready to offer consultancy services.

Please feel free to contact the Chairman of the Department for any information not included in these pages.

Head of Department,

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