Food Microbiology

This section mainly trains students on food quality assurance, food safety and products development. It is a very important section in the department which attracts a lot of research and post graduate students. In this section students put what they learn in class into practice during their practicals, projects and research in preparation for their thesis. Staff in this section are usually very busy as clients from food Industry and individuals bring in food samples for quality checks and also safety of their food products. Some of the products produced by the undergraduate students find their way to the Nairobi International Trade Fair show and student symposium, the products are mainly the pineapple banana and plum wine produced during their food fermentation and biotechnology practicals.

Courses Covered by the section are:
  1. General Microbiology
  2. Food microbiology
  3. Food Enzymology
  4. Biotechnology
  5. Food fermentation
Head of Section

 Prof. S. K. Mbugua

PhD(Cornell University), MSc Federal Institute of Technology(ETH), BSc(UoN)


Areas of specialization: Prof Mbugua is currently committed to food industrialization by nurturing developed technologies, technology transfer and scaling-up, and markets and marketing innovation.

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Staff (Teaching and Non-Teaching)

Mr. P. O. Lamuka 

PhD (ongoing - UoN), MSc (Alabama A&M University), BSc (UoN)


Areas of specialization: Food Safety. He is currently a Lecturer in Food Quality and Safety and Food Microbiology at the department. He has vast research experience in value addition and food safety along food value chains, i.e., fruits and vegetables, dairy, meat, cassava, and cereal grain. Since 2001, Lamuka has been involved in capacity building smallholder farmers, small and medium enterprises, and large industries in East and Central African region to meet food safety market requirements.

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Mr. Dasel Mulwa Kaindi

PhD (ongoing - UoN), MSc (UoN), BSc (UoN)


Areas of specialization: Microbiology. Currently a graduate assistant lecturer have a research and lecturing experience in the areas of Human Nutrient Requirements for the life cycle, Dietary Assessments, Community Nutritional Problem Diagnosis, Nutritional Epidemiology, Project Monitoring and Evaluation, Statistical Data Analysis, General Microbiology and Food Microbiology.

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Mrs. Jacinta Muchiri

Higher Diploma (Kenya Polytechnic)


Senior Technologist. She is In charge of Microbiology laboratory.

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Mrs. Cheruiyot Cherotich

Higher Diploma (Kenya Polytechnic)


Technilogist. She is responsible in preparing and supervising practicals for students and consultancies.

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Mr. Jared Omondi

BSc (JKUAT), Diploma (JKUAT)


Technologist. Currently tasked with coordination, preparation and assisting in practicals and research activities for both undergraduate and post graduate students as well as general laboratory operations. 

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Mrs. Monica Njoroge

Diploma (Kenya Polytechnic), Certificate (UoN)



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Degree Courses/Units
  1. Bsc. Food Science and Technology - View Details
  2. BSc. Food Nutrition and Dietetics - View Details
  3. Msc. Food Science and Technology - View Details
  4. Msc. Food Safety and Quality - View Details
  5. Postgraduate Diploma in Food Safety and Quality - View Details
  6. PHD in Food Science and Technology - View Details


Career Opportunities
  1. Food quality assurance officers
  2. Work in industries as product developers
  3. Lecturers in institution offering food science course