Food Engineering
Food Engineering is concerned with the design, construction, installation, operation and control of food processing plants. It requires understanding of the basic principles of fluid flow, heat transfer, and mass transfer phenomena and application of these principles to unit operations such as evaporation, drying, thermal processing, cooling and freezing. Food Engineering is concerned with machinery and equipment that come into direct contact with foods as well as those that provide essential services in food factories such as refrigeration, air conditioning, steam and hot water generation, water treatment, waste treatment and electricity generation. Knowledge of the physical properties of foods is an essential part of Food Engineering.  Packaging systems are also key to a Food Engineer.
Food Engineering has formed an essential part of teaching, training and research in the Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Technology since its establishment.  The relevant courses include:
  • Food Engineering Principles
  • Measurement and Control Engineering
  • Food Engineering Systems
  • Food Plant Utilities
  • Construction and Packaging Materials
Technology of specific food products research work in Food Engineering has included food product and process development, optimization of food process operations, efficient energy utilization and solar energy in food processing.
The department has a multipurpose food processing Pilot Plant as well as a measurement and control laboratory. There is a strong linkage with the food processing industry in both teaching and research activities.
Head of Thematic Area

Prof. Michael Wandayi Okoth

PhD (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich), MSc (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich and UoN), BSc (Imperial College, University of London)


Areas of specialization: Chemical Engineer with vast training and experience in  Food Science and Technology with emphasis on Food Process Engineering. He is currently an Associate Professor at the department. 

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Staff (Teaching and Non-Teaching)

Prof. Karuri Gichohi

PhD (NCFT, Reading University, UK), MSc (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich), BSc (UoN)


Areas of specialization: Food Process Engineering. His exposure in the sugar and coffee industry, in regard to production, processing and marketing, has been extremely useful in the delivery of his commodity technology and Engineering Systems lectures as a senior lecturer.

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Dr. Catherine Kunyanga

PhD (UoN), MSc (UoN), BSc (UoN)


Areas of specialization: Food Engineering and Nutrition. She is involved in research on nutritional analysis and profiling tropical foods (fruits and vegetables, cereals and legumes); Extraction, purification and quantification of bioactive compounds in foods; Determination and evaluation of functional properties such as antioxidant and antidiabetic activities of bioactive compounds in foods; Evaluation of bioavailability and metabolism of polyphenol compounds in foods; Postharvest handling; and Food safety.

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Mr. Stephen Adembo Okello

Diploma (Kenya Polytechnic), Certificate (Kenya Polytechnic



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Mr. Benard Muroki Gichia

Certificate (Kenya Polytechnic), Certificate (Nairobi Technical Training Institute),  Certificate (JKUAT)



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