Private Farmer benefits from pest and disease control advice from SPIRIT Forum
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Wed, 2016-01-27 10:34
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Kigali Rwanda

Forum members being inducted through private aeroponics facility and next is the affected plant

A private farmer who specializes on production/multiplication of seed potato using aeroponics system was one of those visited by the SPIRIT Project forum. The farmer had a reasonable investment in his production but the crop was being choked by attack from an insect (Tuta absoluta) that had caused losses through damages to the leaves. The farmer had no idea how to control the insect, ‘I have done everything to stop the insect including regular spraying but nothing seems to work’ the farmer reported. Luckily, the team was composed of diverse group including a plant pathologist, Eunice Liingera from KEPHIS Kenya. She elaborated the measures to be taken by the farmer which included: cutting the haulms and completely burning or burying them to get rid of further infestation from crop to crop; use of physical trap which has been shown to be effective in Kenya; spraying in right methodology with appropriate insecticides which can be easily accessed from Kenya.

At the end of the visit, the team and the farmer was happy about the outcome of the forum visit indicating a true value of the project to the region. This would have been difficult if the diverse team had not been put together.

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