Technical visit to Charvi Investment farm, Mau Narok, Kenya
Date and time: 
Wed, 2016-08-31 22:32
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Mau Narok Kenya

On the 29th June 2016, the SPIRIT Consortium visited Charvi farm that is a new private investment that has ventured into multiplication of potato seeds for varieties purely meant for processing. In their 2nd year of the project, they have been able to set up a cold store with about 500 tonnes capacity, currently holding 120 tonnes that they look forward to increase. The farm currently plants variety Jelly, a Dutch variety that was recently released in Kenya. The variety was reported to have good keeping quality of up to 3 months storage at prevalent conditions and good for processing. It also has adequate dry matter content with required levels of reducing sugars. It was agreed that the investor work closely with regulators and researchers such as Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services (KEPHIS) and University of Nairobi for the betterment of future potato production and value addition.

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Thu, 2017-08-31 22:32