Degree Programme: 
Course Code: 
AFS 605

Importance of prerequisite programmes in food safety at the farm/food plant, establishment hygiene:- location, design and layout, internal structure and fittings maintenance; equipment hygiene:- design, construction, layout and maintenance; control and monitoring devices; potable water management and supply, liquid and solid waste management, environmental and utilities hygiene, aspects of hygiene in food packaging, storage and distribution; sources of dirty or contaminants and methods of decontamination, cleaning and sanitizing agents, cleaning and sanitizing procedures and programmes; pest control systems, monitoring of the effectiveness of cleaning, sanitization and pest control systems; personnel as a source of foodborne hazards; personnel cleanliness, behaviours and health status; personnel hygiene management - medical examination, education and training; good hygiene practices in food production, handling processing and marketing; microbiological analytic techniques for identification of microbiological hazards associated with sanitary status food processing and handling.