Ongoing Research Projects in Food Science, Nutrition and Technology

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Ongoing Projects

Project Name Sponsor Start Year End YearAmountProject Link
Public Health Hazards And Associated Risk Factors Along The Camel Milk Production And Marketing Chain. 2012 2015 Ksh1,184,700/= View Details
Improving The Iron Status Of Young Children In The Lake Victoria Basin Region Using Porridge Flour Supplemented With Bovine Blood 2012 2015 Ksh.1,078,000/= View Details
Transform Nutrition: Tackling The Neglected Crisis Of Under-nutrition.

§  International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

§  Lead Partner (Dr. Stuart Gillespie)

§  Institute for Development Studies (IDS) (Dr. Lawrence)

§  Bangladesh (ICIDDR, B)

§  International Centre for Research on Diarrhea Disease(Dr. E. Shams)

§  Save the Children (SC) (Dr. Alex Rees)

    §  Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) (Dr. Shweta)

2011 2017 GBP (£) 199,721 View Details
Improving The Iron Status Of Children In The Lake Victoria Basin Region Using Porridge Flour Enriched With Bovine Blood.

·         Ms. Judy Mwende, SEUCO

·         Ms. Hannah Kamano-Kamau, Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute

2011 2014 Ksh.8,000,000/= View Details
Risk Factors For Human Colorectal Cancer In Kenya.

Prof. Leo Meile (ETH Zurich)

2011 2014 Kshs. 422,600/= View Details
Prevalence Of Low-birth Weights And Associated Factors In Narok District Hospital.


OTHERS IN UON:                  Dr. A.M. Mwangi and Prof. S.K. Mbugua

2011 2012 (1) Ksh.110,000/= from Henna, (2) National Council for Science and Technology ) Ksh.175,000/= View Details
Improving The Iron Status Of Children In The Lake Victoria Basin Region Using Porridge Flour Enriched With Bovine Blood. 2011 2012 Ksh.250,000/= View Details
The Role Of African Indigenous Leafy Vegetables In Immune Boosting In A Laboratory Animal. 2011 2012 Kshs.250,000/= View Details
Risk Factors For Human Colorectal Cancer In Kenya 2011 2012 Kshs.250,000/= View Details
Level Of Acrylamide In Commercial Chips And Crisps And How It Is Influenced By Maturity, Storage And Processing Conditions In Kenyan Potatoes.

Dr. J.N. Kabira (KARI, Tigoni)

2011 2012 Kshs.250,000/= View Details
Production Of Oil Rich In Omega-3 Fatty Acids From Nile Perch Processing Waste 2011 2012 Ksh.1,000,000/= View Details
Novel Staple Food-based Strategies To Improve Micro-nutrient Status For Better Health And Development In Sub-saharan Africa (acronym – Instapa – Website

§  Wageningen University – Netherlands (Dr. I. Brouwer

§  ETH Zurich – Switzerland (Prof. M. Zimmerman)

§  IRD – Montpellier, France (Dr. C. Monquet)

§  London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine – Britain (Prof. A. Pretice)

§  UNISA – Kwazulu Natal, South Africa (Dr. J. Kvalsvig)

§  University of Abomey – Calavi – Benin (Prof. J. Hounigan)

§  IRSAT – DTA – Oagadougou, Burkina Faso (Dr. A. Wereme)

§  IITA – IBADAN – Nigeria (Dr. B. Maziya – Dixon)

CIAT/CGIAR – Canada (Dr. E. Boy)

2008 2013 Euro 1.0 Million View Details
Processing And Value Addition Of Sunflower Oil Seeds For Enhanced Market Access And Revenue Generation By Farmers. Kenya Agricultural Productivity Project(KAPP)/University of Nairobi, Kenya Industrial Research,KARI/J.K Imungi(PI) 2007 2010 10,000 View Details
Potential Of School Feeding And School Farming Programmes On Nutrition Status Of School Children African Studies Centre, Netherlands/Dick Foeken (African Studies Center, Netherlands),Wjnand Klaver (International African Center), Sam Owuor (Department of Geography, UoN)Dr. Alice M Mwangi(PI) 2007 2008 24,428 View Details
Sustainable Productivity Of The Cassava Value Chain. KAPP/Cyrus Githunguri (KARI), Josiah M. Kinama (UoN), Onjolo S. Omolo (KEBS), John N. Mburu (NCPB),Phyllis Ngunjiri (KIRDI),Silas Ragwa (KARI) Dorcas M. Mkabili (Ministry of Agriculture/Prof. E.G Karuri(PI) 2006 2007 28,571 View Details
Use Of Stable Isotope Techniques IAEA/ Dr. Victor Owino (Great lakes University, Kenya) Dr. Jonathan Wells (Institute of Child Health, London),Prof. E.G. Karuri (University of Nairobi), Dr. Sazanne Filteau (Institute of Child Health, London),Prof. Andrew Tomkins (Institute of Child Health, London),Ms Christine Mwangi (KEMRI/Prof. M.W Okoth(PI) 2006 2007 20,000 View Details
Efficacy Of Function Foods As A Source Of Micronutrients In Primary School Children In Kakamega District -- Land Lakes Funded Project (joshua Ashioya) 2006 View Details
An Evaluation Of A Community Based Growth-monitoring Programme In Matuga Division, Kwale District (ruth Musyoki) 2006 View Details
Food Consumption Patterns In Relation To Iron Deficiency Anaemia In Nyabururu Area, Kisii Central District (edel Orangi). 2006 View Details
A Food Consumption Pattern Study With Emphasis On Legumes In Kisii District, Suneka And Marani Division (louise Masese) 2006 View Details
Garisesecure European Community/ Prof Mbugua 2006 54,223 View Details
Development Of Soya-based High-protein Vitamin A-rich Flour As A Supplement In Porridge Of Young Children Dr. A. Mwangi(PI) 2006 View Details
Evaluation Of Hospital Based Child Growth Monitoring Programme In Machakos District. (musila En, Dr. A. Mwangi (PI) 2006 View Details
Processing For Materials And Environmental Applications IAEA/Christine Mwangi, (KEMRI),Dr. Kiragu (KETRI), Dr. J. Onyatta (Ncst),Dr. Maina (INS), Prof. E.G Karuri(PI) 2004 2007 100,000 View Details
Improving The Quality And Nutritional Status Of Gari Through The Use Of Starter Cultures And Fortification With Soya Beans, Palm Oil And Coconut Milk. EU/Prof. Dr. Willelm Honpzafel (Germany), Prof. Philippe Thornart (Belgium), Ms Tina Aaen (Den Mark, Ms Cristina Pinto (South Africa, Dr. M. Egonn Lety (Benin), Mr. Moses Mengu (Botswana/Prof. S.K Mbugua(PI) 2002 2007 200,000 View Details
Garisecure Project No. 3 Ica4-2001-10133 From 2002-2006. (WAITRO), Denmark; Dr. m. egountety, University of /Benin, Benin; (3) Mrs. Cristina Pinto, BIOCHEMTEK, South Africa: (4) Prof. P. Thonart ULG, Belgium: 95) Prof .W. Holzapfel, BFE Germany and (6) Pr 2002 2006 800 View Details
Enhancing Cassava Utilization In Eastern & Southern Africa B EU 2002 1,028,571 View Details
Rain Water Harvesting For Enhanced Water, Food And Nutritional Security: The Case Of Kitui West Constituency, Kenya

·         Ms. Judy Mwende, SEUCO

·         Ms. Hannah Kamano-Kamau, Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute

2011 2014 Ksh.8,000,000/= View Details
Banana & Sweat Potato Storage, Processing And Utilization In View Details
Incorporation Of Sorghum And Millet In Kenya Diets View Details
Post-harvest Storage And Processing Of Various Indigenous Fr View Details
Energy Use And Conservation In Food Processing View Details
Safety Of Household Formulated Complementary And Weaning Food View Details
Incidence And Sources Of Emerging Food-borne Microbial Patho View Details
Feasibility Study On Storability And Large Scale Storage And View Details
Removing Constrains On Small Scale Food Processing Enterprise View Details
High Mineral Beans Varieties, Orange-fleshed Sweet Potatoes View Details
Urban Agriculture And Kitchen Gardening In Food Security And View Details
Children Practices And Nutritional Status Of Children View Details
Indictors For Monitoring And Evaluating Food Security Progra View Details
Use Of Isotopes Techniques To Assess Nutritional Interventio View Details
Development Of Acceptable Kabalagala View Details
Phd Thesis Project (on-going): |development Of Acceptable Kabalagala( Ugandan Traditional Cassava Flour Based Pancake Using Sweetpotato Flour) Makerere University/Prof. S. Mbugua (PI) View Details
Advancing Capacity To Support Climate Change Adaptation (accca View Details
Nutritional Status, Knowledge, Attitude And Practices Of Trained Home-based Care PROF. KOGI MAKAU (PI) View Details
The Prevalence And Risk Factors Of Anaemia In Children Aged 6-59 Months View Details
Feeding Practices And Nutritional Status Of Children 6.-36 Months In Muslim PRF. KOGI MAKAU(PI) View Details
Gender In Childhood Care Among Maasai Children Aged 0-5 Years In Narok District, prof.Kogi Makau(PI) View Details
Nutritional Status Of Children Under Five Years Of Age In Bahirdar, Ethiopia: Prof. kogi Makau (PI) View Details
Infections And Malnutrition Associated With Emerging Food Borne Microbial Hazards In Complementary-weaning Foods Formulated At Household Level In Kenya. Mr. Peter Lamuka (PI) View Details
Microbiological Safety Of Export Fish Products From Kenya: DR. LAMUKA PETER OBIMBO(PI) View Details
Development Of Community-based Sustainable Small-scale Traditional Food Crop Processing For Poverty Eradication In Kenya: A Case Study Of Bungoma District. DR. LAMUKA PETER OBIMBO (PI) View Details
Post Harvest Technology For Sweet Potatoes Rockefeller/ J. K. Mungi(PI) View Details