Student Projects in Food Science, Nutrition and Technology

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2012/2013 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
A Comparative Study To Assess The Prevalence Of Obesity In Young Females Aged 16-24 Years Residing In Dagoretti South Constituency, Nairobi, Kenya Hawa Kombo 2012/2013 View Details
Acceptability Of Ugali Made From Nixatamalized Maize Mill Ali Mwanahija Khamisi 2012/2013 View Details
Development Of Composite Porridge Flour From Unpeeled Plantain And Sorghum Carolyne K. Kwaku 2012/2013 View Details
Antimicrobial Activity Of Lactic Acid Bacteria From Fermented Camel Milk (suusac) Against Enterobacteriaceae From From Camel Meat Joseph Mwaniki Wambui 2012/2013 View Details
Preservation Of Custard Apple By Citric Acid, Osmotic Dehydration And Drying Chiwoh Seline Ouma 2012/2013 View Details
Development Of A Vitamin A Rich Ugali From Maize Meal Flour And Pumpkin Shiphirah M. Barongo 2012/2013 View Details
Extraction Of Minerals From The Soil Victor Mulandi Daudi 2012/2013 View Details
Development Of A Production Process For Cashew Apple ( Anacardium Occidetale L) Must For Fruit Wine Production Pauline Atieno 2012/2013 View Details
Development Of Porridge Flour From Cassava And Finger Milet Enrichrd With Lycopene Antioxidant From Tomato Powder Ouma Dennis Otieno 2012/2013 View Details
Production Of Avocado-based Bread Spread Incorporating Honey Gitiri Boniface Mwangi 2012/2013 View Details
Evaluation Of The Effect Of Tomato Powder And Reduced Nitrate Levels On Keeping And Sensory Quality Of Frankfurters Fanuel O. Odhiambo 2012/2013 View Details
Effect Of Hydrocolloid Coating On Oil Uptake , Moisture Renetion And Quality Attributes Of French Fries Mercy Mukite 2012/2013 View Details
Developemnt Of Infant Formula From Millet By Incorporating Omena ( Rastrineobola Argentea) Kibwabu Sidney Nyamohanga 2012/2013 View Details
Development Of A Stable Pumpkin Sauce Using Tamarind Seed Njeri Brian Kago 2012/2013 View Details
Development Of A Ready To Eat Dehydrated Fruit Blend For Children Aged Below 5 Years Old To Address Vutamin A Deficiency Phelisters Aloo Oduor 2012/2013 View Details
Beta-carotene Retention In Oven And Sun Dried Carrots Mwangi Antony Kimani 2012/2013 View Details
An Assessment Of Farmers Perspective On Organic And Inorgabic Farming In Nairobi Azmina S. Noormohamed 2012/2013 View Details
Factors Assciated With Peptic Ulcers Among Adult Patients Attending St. Michael Digestive Diseases And Medical Care Upper Hill, Nairobi County Musyoka Lilian Katunge 2012/2013 View Details
Performance Of Community- Based Management Of Acute Malnutrition Programme And Its Impact On Nutritional Status Of Children Under Five Years Of Age In Malawi. A Case Of Lilongwe Rural Alice Nyasulu 2012/2013 View Details
Impact Of Fortified Food Supplements On Immunity Level, Nutritional Status And Well Being Of Pre-art Sero Positive Adults Beatrice Mungai 2012/2013 View Details
Risk Factors Of Human Colorectal Cancer, Kenya Dasel Wambua Mulwa Kaindi 2012/2013 View Details
Contribution Of Urban Agriculture In Nutrition And Food Security In Mwiki Location, Nairobi County Evalyne Muthoni 2012/2013 View Details
Efficacy Of Momordica Charantia Powder As A Food Sprinkle In Dietary Management Of Type Ii Diabetes Cherylene Wambui 2012/2013 View Details
Evaluation Of Some Extruded Cassava Products For Safety And Nutritional Quality Anastacia Wanjiru 2012/2013 View Details
Psychological Outcomes Of Current Infant Feeding Dilemma For Hiv-infected Mothers Jane Njenga 2012/2013 View Details