LASER PULSE Research for Development (R4D) Conference
Date and time: 
Mon, 2019-05-13 08:00
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The Long-Term Assistance and Services for Research (LASER) – Partners for University Led Solutions Engine (PULSE) consortium, led by Purdue University with Consortium Members held the first annual LASER PULSE Research for Development (R4D) Conference on 11-13 March 2019 at the Speke Resort and Conference Centre Munyonyo in Uganda.  The theme of the conference was “Improving the Effectiveness of the Research-to-Translation Value Chain.” 

The main objective of LASER PULSE is to facilitate successful translation of research to products, practices, or policies as solutions to development challenges. The approach generates early results and help to ensure buy-in from local communities, government, USAID implementers, and private stakeholders. The R4D Conference brought together LASER PULSEHigher Education Network partner researchers; development practitioners, including donors and selected NGO implementers; and government, private sector, and community leaders.  The specific sectoral focus areas (food security, water, basic education, maternal/child health) of this convening, as well as the varying regional contexts considered, allowed identification of a ‘universal suite of factors’ tied to translational success to help refine and scale up solutions. 

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Tue, 2022-05-31 (All day)