BSc Food Science and Technology
Degree Code:A
Degree Name:BSc Food Science and Technology
Degree Type:BACHELOR
Degree Duration:4
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Level : 1
Semester: Non Specified
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
ACR 103 MathematicsView Description
AZL 101 Agricultural Zoology View Description
AVP 101 Animal Physiology View Description
ACM 101 Chemistry View Description
APH 101 Applied Physics View Description
ACR 104 Plant/crop Physiology View Description
AAE 101 Workshop Techniques View Description
AFT 101 General Microbiology View Description
CCS 001 Biochemistry I View Description
CCS 001 Communication Skills View Description
CCS 002 Fundamentals Of Development View Description
CCS 008 Elements Of Philosophy View Description
Level : 2
Semester: Non Specified
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
ACR 205 Principles Of Genetics View Description
CR 206 Introduction To Statistics View Description
ACR 201 Principles Of Crop Production View Description
AEC 205 Principles Of Resource Use ManagementView Description
AEC 206 Microeconomics View Description
AFT 201 Food Chemistry View Description
AFT 202 Human Nutrition And DevelopmentView Description
ABC 201 Biochemistry IiView Description
AFT 203 Food MicrobiologyView Description
AEC 201 MacroeconomicsView Description
AFT 204 Measurement And Control Engineering View Description
AFT 205 Food Enzymology View Description
AFT 206 Analytical Instrumentation View Description
AFT 207 Food Engineering Principles View Description
Level : 3
Semester: Non Specified
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
ACR 305 Statistics Ii Analysis And Experimental Design View Description
ACR 306 Economic Entomology View Description
AFT 301 Food Preservation And Nutritional Quality View Description
AFT 302 Food Quality Assurance View Description
AEC 303 Food Marketing And Product Development View Description
AFT 303 Industrial Sanitation And Waste Disposal View Description
AFT 304 Food Engineering SystemsView Description
AFT 305 Food Fermentation And BiotechnologyView Description
AFT 306 Techniques Of Food AnalysisView Description
AFT 307 Dairy ChemistryView Description
AEC 304 Economics And Management Of Food ProcessingView Description
AFT 400 Industrial PracticeView Description
Level : 4
Semester: Non Specified
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
AFT 401 Meat Science And Technology View Description
AFT 402 Fats And OilsView Description
AFT 403 Milk And Dairy Products View Description
AFT 404 Root Crops Technology View Description
AFT 405 Fruits And Vegetables View Description
AFT 406 Tea And Coffee View Description
AEC 419 Industrial BookkeepingView Description

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