The Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Technology is housed at the Faculty of Agriculture building located at the College of Agriculture Veterinary Science(CAVS) at Upper Kabete Campus on the outskirts of Nairobi (approximately 14kms from the city centre). The department offers opportunities to students and individuals interested in learning Food Science and Technology and Applied Human Nutrition. It also offers opportunities to individuals, food industries, organizations/agencies, research organizations and local/international agencies to gain from knowledge, expertise and know how available in the department in the fields of Food and Nutrition.

The Department collaborates with institutions such as Swiss Federal Institute of Technology(ETH), Zurich and the United Nations University, Tokyo. Close ties are also maintained with Swiss Directorate for Development Co-operation(GTZ) and local food industries.

Graduates of the department's internationally recognized programes are well prepared for:

  • Food Industries and other private sector enterprises
  • Research Institutions
  • Teaching Institutions
  • Government Ministries and Parastatals
  • Self-employment in relevant areas
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
  • International Organizations

The department offers modern facilities for students and researchers:

  • comprehensive range of audi-visual aids
  • well-equipped Food Chemistry & Nutrition, Food Microbiology and Food Engineering laboratories
  • reference rooms with a wide range of books, journals and CD-ROM
  • The pilot plant has facilities and equipment for practicals in Food Engineering and Food Processing. 
  • Computer laboratory and Internet browsing facilities accessible to students and researchers.