Pilot Plant

  1. Paul Ongaro
  2. Isaac Maitha
  3. Leonard Njue
  4. Stephen Okello
  5. John Kivuti
  6. Kiprono Bett
  7. Mwaura

Introduction The Food Science Pilot Plant is wholly owned by the University of Nairobi through its constituent College specializing in teaching and research in Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences

History The Pilot Plant as most of the Food Science Department was constructed through partnership with the University of Nairobi and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and opened in 1977 almost in the same period when the Departments produced its first graduands. The Plant was fully equipped to handle demonstrations in all aspects of Food Processing and Engineering and to also be able to carry out production on a Pilot basis in order to sustain its operations. Due to the Changing times and reduction of support from the donors over the years, the University identified the Pilot plant as an Income Generating Unit and Later aligned it to the government Master plan of Development Vision 2030 to create wealth by Value addition.

Location The Pilot plant is located at the Food Science department in The College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences on a Standalone Premise comprising of a boiler room, a standard laboratory and production space on two floors. Its provided with adequate facilities for Steam energy generation and cooling facilities comprising of a cooling tower and cold rooms for product storage.