Message from the Head of Department

Dr. G.O Abong' - Chairman DFSNT

Dr. George Ooko Abong'

As the Chairman of the Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Technology (DFSNT), I take this opportunity to welcome you to a dynamic Department of Industrial transformation, value addition and human development. We are committed and endeavour to produce qualified graduates who contribute towards ensuring that the University community and the larger public are able to access nutritious and safe food while achieving optimal utilization through nutrition and dietetics.

We have a mission to pursue, excel and maintain a world-class leadership role in the quest for knowledge by way of quality research, capacity building, consultancy and innovative outreach in order to contribute to food productivity and safety and secure livelihoods through sustainable value addition and natural resources management. We train both graduate and undergraduates in the fields of Food Science, Food Nutrition and Dietetics, Applied human Nutrition, and Food Safety and Quality.

The Department is also a proud producer of milk and meat products including and not limited to cheese, yoghurt, fermented milk (Mala), pasteurized milk and ice cream and other products which students are trained to enhance production skills. For more information, welcome and sample some of our programmes and activities at