The project SPIRIT was conducted in Tanzania (ARI-Uyole), Rwanda (University of Rwanda), Uganda (Makerere University) and Kenya (University of Nairobi) with SUSTALDE FUNDACON from Span being the coordinator from 2012 to 2016 with the aim of increasing the contribution of agricultural science, technology and innovation to social development in East Africa.

Principle Instigator
Dr. George Ooko Abong

The project involved three main objectives with associated actions:

  • Improvement of scientific and technological knowledge of East African research organizations. State-of the-art research on innovative technologies and practices for enhanced product quality was assessed
  • A web-based knowledge-sharing platform was created
  • The “East Africa Potato Research and Knowledge Exchange Forum” was constituted
  • Six meetings with visits were realized.
  • Asses private and civil society actors and governmental services with aim of reinforcing their capacities for generating and adopting innovative technologies and practices.
  • Sixteen innovation sessions were conducted.
  • Guidelines for enhancing product quality along the potato value chain in East Africa were elaborated and disseminated.
  • To target governmental bodies with competences in policy-making for promoting changes in policies.
  • Proposals for policymakers were developed and transferred to relevant authorities.
Teams & Leaders

Dr. G.O. Abong'