Dr. G.O. Abong'

1.  In-country subject matter: COVID-19 and safety in food processing premises. July, 2020 to date.

2. Technical Expert: Development of social behavior change communication (SBCC) strategy for hatching    

      hope project Kenya (hhk). Heifer International, 2019-Ongoing

3. Scaling Champion, Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) Orange Fleshed Sweetpotato Puree Scaling up       Fund Project, July 2019 to June 2020. Key roles: identification of key stakeholders in the OFSP value chain, organized stakeholder and guided them on definition of innovations along the OFSP value chain, Organized technology demonstration/training and execution meetings in conjunction with project partners and supported promotion of the OFSP Puree project activities through local media.

4. Trainer, Ghana Food and Drugs Authority-TRAQUE programme project: Risk analysis in Food Products.

Major training areas: Introduction to risk analysis, Risk assessment, Risk management and Risk

communication in food quality and safet control, 19th-30th January 2015.

5. Trainer, Mycotoxin prevention and control, ChromAfrica: Mycotoxin in foods, factors enhancing growth of molds and mycotoxin formation, three levels of control, specific aflatoxin reduction technologies. Different sessions, 2015.14

6. Expert/Trainer, Fruits and vegetables-sweetpotato value addition TOT training in Kenya, USAID-KHCP

Funded projects: Major training areas: Proper harvesting, sorting, cleaning, handling, grading, curing and

storage of sweet potato, design of curing chambers, dehydrated sweet potato products, safety of processed products and process of standardization. 2012-2014.

7. Lead trainer, Practical sensory evaluation, Industrial application of sensory evaluation, Food Safety

International, Nairobi Kenya.

8. Consultant expert, Food handling and hygiene in slaughter house and laboratory analysis/operationalization (microbial and chemical analysis). Lomidat-Tera Nova East Africa. September 2011.

9. Trainer, Slaughterhouse laboratory technicians training on hygiene, microbial and chemical analysis. Tera Nova East Africa. July 2010.

10. Consultant on evaluation of potato varieties and promising clones for processing into French fries and crisps at the National Potato Research Centre, KARI, Tigoni. 2008-2011.

11. Consultant, Mercan Products Ltd: Fresh milk, mala, yoghurt and cheese processing; Nutritional contribution of fermented such as; Cordial and nectar processing (juices); Jam, and; Chips and Crisps processing. 2005-2008

12. Trainer, In house training on Good Manufacturing Practices at Mercan Products Ltd in juice and milk

production, 2007-2008.