Bachelor of Science Food Science and Technology


Graduates of the department`s internationally recognized programmes are well prepared to enter Food industries, Government ministries, Parastatals, Non-governmental organizations and research institutions in the various fields involved in food processing and human nutrition, research and development, as well as planning and implementation of projects.

The department collaborates with several institutions such as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich and the United Nations University, Tokyo.  Close ties are also maintained with the Swiss Development Co-operation (SDC) and German Technical Cooperation (GTZ), and locally with the Kenya Institute of Food Science and Technology (KIFST), which provides linkage between the department and local food industries.

The department is located in Upper Kabete Campus of the University of Nairobi, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture.

tudents may be exempted from some courses by Senate on the recommendation of the Faculty Board provided that:

A3.1   Such candidates had taken these courses in a recognized University or equivalent Institution.

A3.2   Candidates seeking exemption apply in writing to the Faculty Board of Agriculture specifying the courses for which exemption is desired and attaching evidence that these courses or their equivalents had been taken satisfactorily in recognized institutions.

A3.3   A non-refundable course exemption fee as may be determined by the University be paid with each application for exemption.

A3.4   Such courses or their equivalents are to satisfy the requirements of the professional training in the first year of study only as follows:

AZL 101:        Agricultural Zoology

ACH 101:       Chemistry

ABC 101:       Biochemistry I

AAP 101:       Animal Physiology

AVA 101:       Veterinary Anatomy

AAE 101:       Workshop Techniques

APH 101:       Physics

Admission requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science (Food Science and Technology) shall be:

1.      Holders of KCSE with a mean grade of C+ with passes at C+ or above in Biology or   Biological Sciences, Physics and Chemistry or Physicals Sciences and Mathematics. In order to satisfy the cluster, for candidates offering pure sciences, Mathematics may be alternated with any of the subjects shown, while for candidates offering Biological Sciences the fourth subject may be selected from the same subjects:

                 Geography                                           Building Construction

                 Home Science                                      Power Mechanics

                 Agriculture                                            Electricity

                 Woodwork                                          Drawing and Design

                 Metal Work                                         Aviation Technology

2.      Holders of KACE or equivalent with minimum 2 Principal passes in Biology and Chemistry and at least a subsidiary pass in Mathematics or Physics.

3.      Holders of Diploma or equivalent in relevant sciences from a recognized institution with passes at credit or distinction.

4.      Holders of any relevant degree other than Food Science & Technology or Nutritional Sciences.

A2.1   The Teaching for the degree shall extend over not less than four academic years, each year consisting of two teaching semesters.

A2.2   Each student shall be required to take relevant industrial Attachment for a minimum period of eight weeks after completion of the third year of study and before entering the fourth year of study.

A2.3   In the second semester of the fourth year of study, each student shall be required to carry out a Special Research Project Relevant to the area of Food Science and Technology.

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