Registration and Orientation of first years 2023-2024

The university of Nairobi received first years starting September 25, 2023. The freshmen came in large numbers and were welcomed by the Vice chancellor Prof. Stephen Kiama , Deans and chairmen of departements. The department of Food Science Nutrition and Technology received many first years and they were received in the Department by the acting chairman then Dr. Dasel M. Kaindi .

Virtual meeting with DFSNT First years

The Department of Food Science Nutrition and Technology has so far admitted 80 students in its various programmes. The chairman of the Department Dr. G.O. Abong'. Held a virtual meeting with all the first years and all the members of staff in the Department , all staff were introduced to the students. Those who addressed the students among others were Prof. M.W. Okoth (Food  Process Engineering), Dr.