University of Nairobi


The University of Nairobi Medical Microbiology and Immunology Review Board assessed laboratories in the Department of Food Science Nutrition and Technology and The Department of Public Health Pharmacology and Toxicology  in compliance to ISO. They inspected microbiological laboratory for analysis of pathogens (salmonella and camploybacter).


The winners and runners up  of the Great Millet Quest Competition  were students from the Department of Food Science Nutrition and Technology Pursuing  BSc. Food Science and Technology and BSc. Food Nutrition and Dietetics respectively . The Department is proud of its students of having produced such brilliant Innovators. Click  






The Department of Food Science Nutrition and Technology held its first cultural day event on Tuesday 28, May 2024 within the Department. Staff and students cooked various dishes from different communities in Kenya and show cased in a very colourful event. Most staff were dressed in traditional attires. Traditional songs were played and everyone present enjoyed.  

The Vice Chancellor visit to DFSNT Bakery

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Nairobi, Prof. Stephen Kiama visited the Department of Food Science Nutrition and Technology Bakery. The Chairman of the Department  received the Vice chancellor and  showed him the various products in the bakery e.g. scones, bread, buns and cakes. The VC was happy to have a taste of the products and congratulated the department for the effort made and mentioned that its among the best department in the University because of many research and innovations. 


The University of Nairobi's Student recognition Ceremony was held on May 3rd 2024.  Below are the students who were awarded from the Department of Food Science Nutrition and Technology . 

1. Lawrence Mugambi -Research and Publication  award 

2. Mandre Joseph  - Interpreneurship and renovation award

3. Mwarome Jumbale

4. Rhoda Nekesa

5. Gatwiri Lolyne Kaimenyi

6. Awutonde Adeola Omotola

7. Khetia Nandani

Prof. G. O. Abong' and family was among the Prize  Donor's 


The Department of Food Science Nutrition and Technology,Staff and students led by the chairman Prof. G.O. Abong' participated in tree planting event that took place on Friday 19, 2024 at The upper Kabete Campus. The chairman encouraged students and staff to make sure they plant 100 trees this year. The University of Nairobi participates in this exercise  in solidarity with the Kenyan Government. The campaign aims at reducing greenhouse emissions, stopping, and reversing deforestation.


In the 2022 / 2023 Full Year Performing Contract the Department of Food Science was the Best overall Unit in the University of Nairobi, The Chairman of the Department  Prof. G.O. Abong' was the overall best reaearcher and the department was also awarded the Best performing teaching Department. 

Feed the future Innovation Lab for Food safety by USAID

Prof. Catherine Kunyanga , Associate Dean Faculty of Agriculture   who is also an Associate  Professor in the Department of Food Science Nutrition and Technology visited  Feed the future innovation lab for food safety by USAID - presenting on poultry value chain. Women and youth pay a vital role in the poultry value chain - interventions targeting reduction of Salmonella and Campylobacter pathogens should actively engage them and consider roles of gender in this value chains. Annual meeting in Cambodia 13-17th November 2023