MSc Applied Human Nutrition




Title Course Code Course Hours Semester Year
Human Nutrition Requirements for Growth and Development ANP 501 1
Nutritional Intervention, Education and Nutritional Anthropology ANP 502
Nutritional Epidemiology ANP 503
Applied Statistics and Computer Use ANP 504
Food Production Systems/Food Economics and Policy ANP 505
Food Science and Food Protection ANP 506
Nutrition Project Planning and Management ANP 507
Nutritional Surveillance and Emergencies ANP 508
Community Nutrition Problem Diagnoses ANP 509
Programme Development and Research Methodology ANP 510
Applied Dietetics in Food Service Systems (elective) ANP 511
Food/Nutrition Programmers at Community Level (elective) ANP 512
Health and Nutritional Sector Analysis (elective) ANP 513
Nutrition, Population Growth and Development (elective) ANP 514
Project ANP 600