Applied Human Nutrition


 The UNiversity of Nairobi 64th  Graduation Ceremony was held on Friday December 11, 2020 Virtualy. The Department of Food Science and Nuttion had a total of 50 graduands from its various courses offered in both MSc and BSc Programmes. MSc. Applied HUman Nutrition 6, MSc. in Food Safety and Quality 5, MSc. in Food Science and Technology , BSc. Food Nutrition and Technology 18, and BSc.  Food Science and Technology 20.

MSc. profiles are in the link below


In the 63rd Graduation ceremony of the University of Nairobi, The Department of Food Science Nutrition and Technology produced a total of 40 students. Three PhD students  namely :-Dr. Caroline Wakuthie Muthike , Dr. Erick Otieno Ogumo and Dr. Joseph Honore Nguetti ,Twelve MSc. Students and Twenty Five BSc Students. 


MSc. students pursuing Food Safety and Quality and Applied Human Nutrition as part of there curriculum they are supposed to do a Research on selected topics, original in nature, and relevant to Food safety and Applied Nutrition.  The topic is selected with the help of supervisors.  The student carries  out research and finally compile the results in a dissertation. The first years academic year 2019/2019  did there project proposal on May 22, 2020 online . The course coordinator is Prof.

MSc. Applied Human Nutrition class of 2018

The Msc. Applied Human Nutrition Students invited  their lecturers for a party celebrating completion  of their 2 year  course work, this class  has the highest number of International students in the History of ANP. The lecturers who attended were Prof. Wambui Kogi-Makau, Dr. Sophia Ngala, Dr. Angela Andago and Dr. Dasel Kaindi